Claimed and Shamed is back for its 7th series; exposing even more insurance fraudsters lying on the phone or caught out on camera. Presented by Ore Oduba, the series highlights the extraordinary and often ridiculous lengths some people go to in order to try and receive a bumper payout. We also follow the Met Police and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department on a number of early morning raids, as they hunt down, arrest and convict suspected insurance fraudsters.

Episode 1

A claimant ends up behind bars when secret filming exposes his injuries as lies. A bus claim stalls when CCTV reveals an alleged accident never happened, and a greedy policyholder is left with a chequered financial record after trying to con his way into a double payout. In the USA, the jaw-dropping case of a woman caught planning her husband’s murder by an undercover police officer posing as a hitman, and the next stop is prison when the British Transport Police catch up with a trio of fraudsters behind a massive mobile phone fraud.

Episode 2

The orchestrator of a crash-for-cash operation targeting delivery vehicles finds himself behind bars when the Metropolitan Police catch up with him. Time is called on a claim for a lost watch when metadata from photos to support the claim actually prove the claimant’s dishonesty. Justice is on the menu for one woman after her outrageous attempt at a trip-and-slip claim in a canteen is caught on CCTV, while a gang claiming for accidents that never even happened find themselves in court when insurers crack their scam. And a claimant finds herself out of pocket when her attempt to defraud her insurer backfires, and she has to repay her undeserved payouts.

Episode 3

A man claiming he can’t work has his supposedly injured back to the wall after secret filming catches him out, while a woman who misses her flight tries to stage an elaborate cover-up. The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department catch up with a fraudster claiming for loss of earnings on a job he didn’t even have, and in the USA, a man is murdered in a barbaric life insurance scam

Episode 4

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department pay an early morning visit to a fraudster suspected of selling fake motor insurance policies, and a tiny car park prang results in a shocking claim for personal injury. An amateur boxer’s attempt to defraud the Royal Mail ends up on the ropes when his fake personal injury claim is knocked back. A driver’s outrageous attempt to bag a bumper payout backfires after it’s caught on camera, and a fraudster is forced to admit to his crimes when confronted by his mobile insurer.

Episode 5

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department bring down a flashy fraudster who cheated his way to over £100,000, splurging it on fast cars and expensive holidays. CCTV is the undoing of an impatient cyclist who attempts to blame a bus company for his risky riding, while a woman lands herself in hot water when her claim for a leak goes down the pan. A pet owner tries to encourage a veterinary practice to lie on their claim form, and the dark story of an American surgeon who performed unnecessary procedures on patients to line his own pockets.

Episode 6

Undercover filming catches out a bus driver suspected of grossly exaggerating injuries sustained at work. A thrill-seeking holidaymaker without the right insurance cover sees his claim crash and burn, whileRoyal Mail scupper a second-class attempt at postal fraud. Social media and the inability to get their stories straight proves to be the undoing of a group of friends who try their hands at an elaborate crash-for-cash con, and in the USA justice is delivered for the woman whose sickening health insurance fraud saw an innocent man jailed.

Episode 7

Social media is the undoing of a group of friends who deliberately crash their cars to get a bumper insurance payout, and a tailor’s claim for expensive suits ruined by sewage goes down the pan. Insurers block an outrageous attempt by a customer to get her hands on a second replacement phone, while CCTV exposes the lies of a motorist who claims a collision with a bus has left him needing in-home care. A dog owner attempts to use the tragic death of her puppy to make a false insurance claim, and a fisherman is caught hook, line and sinker after falsifying a burglary claim.

Episode 8

The Metropolitan Police team up with insurers to close in on a criminal gang deliberately causing crashes with innocent motorists so that they can submit fraudulent insurance claims. A lorry driver’s personal injury claim stalls when surveillance footage captures him doing the things he claims he can’t, while two former prison mates come unstuck when they hatch a plan to cash in at the expense of their insurers by staging a car accident. A man hoping to tie the knot makes an indecent proposal on his claim form, and a bus passenger’s claim goes belly up when it’s captured on CCTV.

Episode 9

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department carry out a series of early morning raids as they bring down a huge car insurance scam, and the diagnosis isn’t good for a traveller’s medical claim when photosintended to back up his claim actually put it on the critical list. One woman’s opportunistic attempt to cash in on a broken television falls flat when she’s forced to admit her fraud, an inmate’s personal injury claim goes down the drain when he tries to blame the prison for his own carelessness, and the owner of a tanning salon is caught red-handed after attempting to make up the shortfall in her insurance payout with a fraudulent claim.

Episode 10

A speeding fine leads to Greater Manchester Police busting a sophisticated fraud racket worth a quarter of a million pounds. A wannabe master forger’s attempt to fake receipts for lost designer goods is foiled by bad spelling. A claim for a stolen car backfires when insurers discover it was entirely made up, metadata contained in a photo puts a spanner in the works for a claim for some stolen tools, and a lie to an insurance company about an accident that took place in a betting shop doesn’t pay out.

A Curve Media Production for BBC1

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