We are pleased to announce our new Formats Catalogue featuring some primetime and ratings winning programming.

Coast Vs Country
Beat Slot Average By Over 50%

Property format Coast Vs Country pits two beautiful dream against each other – moving to a rural idyll in the countryside versus enjoying a new life in a coastal hotspot by the sea Battling presenters offer house hunters across the country coastal and rural properties for sale.

Programming Info
Channel:                   Channel 4
Slot:                           Daytime
Series Duration:     30 x 48′

Freeform Productions

A Place in the Sun
Successful Returning Series

Successful returning series where popular presenters help people to find their dream home in a sunny foreign country. House hunters are shown three or four properties in their chosen location and then decide if they want to buy.

Programming Info
Channel:                     Channel 4
Slot:                             Various
Series Duration:       30+ x 52

Freeform Productions

Super Cleaners
Incredible Transformations

Super Cleaners follows extreme cleaners as they tackle the ultimate dirt, grime and clutter from crime scenes to squalid homes. Featuring incredible transformatins which in some cases involve not just surroundings, but the inhabitants too!

Programming Info
Channel:                      ITV
Slot:                              TBC
Series Duration:        6 x 30′

Curve Media Productions

What to Buy and Why
Consumer Show

Top industry experts get the inside track on the latest products. From cosmetics to clothing, technology to kitchen equipment, What to Buy and Why shows you how to shop like a professional.

Programming Info
Channel:                           BBC2
Slot:                                   Fri (8:30pm)
Series Duration:             6 x 30′

7 Wonder Productions

Claimed and Shamed
Ratings 1.34m, 27.4% share

Now in its tenth season this successful long running daytime series uses hidden cameras to expose the lengths people will go to, to make money from their insurance policies.

Programming Info
Channel:                       BBC1
Slot:                               Daytime
Series Duration:         10 x 45’/30′

Curve Media Productions

House of Hypochondriacs
Ratings 1.5 million

This format puts three of the biggest self-confessed hypochondriacs together in a house. Testing their anxieties to the extremes they work on the frontline of the health service. Will this process help them stop self-diagnosing something serious every time they catch a cold?

Programming Info
Channel:                      Channel 4
Slot:                              Tues (8pm)
Series Duration:        1 x 52′

Fresh One Productions

Please contact Head of Formats Lynn Lugsden for more information.

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