One parent dies approximately every 22 minutes, leaving 112 children in the UK newly bereaved every day.

How does it feel to know you will lose someone you love and depend on for everything? Can you possibly prepare your child for your death?

In this powerful film we follow two mothers as they prepare their children for the eventuality of their death. Through the tears and denial to enduring love and joy, creating memories that will last forever, we witness the incredible journey these remarkable families go through – a journey no family dares to imagine.

Accompanying this unfolding actuality is a chorus of children who have already been through the traumatic ordeal of losing a parent – strong, brave and insightful beyond their years, they offer advice and wisdom.

In equal parts sad and life affirming, this is as much a celebration of love, the enduring bond of parent and child and the resilience of young people as it is a film about loss.

A True Vision production for BBC1

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