This series follows property house hunters find their dream home where they can enjoy a little more sunshine.

East Costa del Sol

Julie Okine and Simon Sheriff have busy lives as barristers in London, but after recently inheriting some money from her mother, Julie has decided to follow a long held dream of buying a holiday home in Spain as a place to unwind and relax.  For their cash budget of £100,000, Laura Hamilton shows them five very different properties along the the eastern Costa del Sol.

Oriheula Costa, Spain

Mother and daughter team Laura and Leah Wright from Surrey have been enjoying holidays in Spain together since Leah was a child. Laura has now decided to put cash from a recent inheritance towards buying a holiday home on Spain’s Orihuela Costa that they can enjoy throughout the year.

Scarlette Douglas shows them five properties for their budget of £65,000, but will they find their dream holiday home?


Neil Turner and his fiancée Zoe Brown from Leeds love Ibiza so much they’re even planning on getting married on the Spanish island. Now, as the perfect wedding gift to each other they’ve decided to buy a holiday home there.

Ben Hillman is on hand to show them five properties for their budget of £160,000.


Susan Peters from Dorchester has dreamed of moving to sunny Spain for as long as she can remember, and after a holiday a few years ago has her heart set on stunning Mallorca.

Armed with a £130,000 budget and with best friend Tina along to help her with the decision, Scarlette Douglas shows her five fantastic properties on the island.


Justine Noades & Ashley Pollak have a serious love affair with Ibiza – not only have they visited the island 8 times together, they even got engaged and married there. Now their nightclubbing days are over, they plan to start a family and are back on the island to look for their dream holiday getaway. Ben Hillman shows them five fantastic properties for their £270,000 budget but can he deliver the perfect property in the perfect location?

La Marina Alta

Lesley and Phil Ward from North Wales are planning the next chapter in their lives with a full time move to the all year round sun of the La Marina Alta region of Spain’s Costa Blanca. For their budget of £125,000, Scarlette Douglas is on hand to show them five very different properties, but will it be a house by the beach or a stunning townhouse that ends up being their dream property?


Retired couple Alan and Marilyn McCubbine has decided they want to spend the next chapter of their lives in the rugged Spanish countryside of Almeria Province. In fact, so determined are they to make the move, they recently packed up their trusty van and drove 1500 miles to rent a place while they search for their dream home. For their budget of £80,000 Danni Menzies shows them five great village properties.


Wendy Tyler has long-dreamed of living in Spain, so much so she recently found a job in Benidorm, left the UK behind and moved there full time. She’s been renting ever since and just needs the perfect property to complete her dream life in the sun. With her best friend Diana along to help, Danni Menzies shows her five properties for her budget of £70,000, but will any of them be the final piece of the jigsaw?


Lea and Tony Desborough from Essex have fallen in love with Menorca on countless holidays over the last 20 years and have dreamed of owning their own place there for almost as long. Now, as they wind down their work commitments, they’ve decided its time to make that dream a reality. Laura Hamilton shows them five costal villas for their £250,000 budget.

La Marina Alta

Phil and Caroline Mansell from Wales have been holidaying together in the La Marina Alta region of Spain’s Costa Blanca for years. Phil, who suffers from severe arthritis, finds the climate helps his symptoms so they’re selling their home back in the UK and are planning a full-time move.  Ben Hillman shows them five properties for their £100,000 budget but will any of them be their dream home?


Creative Brighton couple Emily & Peter Harold have been holidaying on the Spanish island of Mallorca for 14 years and now are determined to buy a second home there. They’re looking for somewhere to relax and soak up the sun and culture on offer in their favourite spot of Port de Soller. Laura Hamilton is on hand to show them five apartments for their £250,000 budget.


Denise Greenacre from Nottingham has dreamt of buying a home in the sun for 30 years. Now she’s retired and her children no longer live at home, she’s finally ready to realise her dream and is determined to buy in Spain. With her daughter Rebecca along to help, Ben Hillman shows her five properties around Torrevieja on the Costa Blance for her £80,000 budget, but will any of them be the place she’s been longing for?


Having fallen in love with each other four years ago, Elaine & Nicos Nicolaou then fell in love with Kephalonia, and are looking to get back to their Greek roots by buying a property there. For their budget of £60,000 Jasmine Harman shows them five properties in the beautiful south of the island, but will any of them be the place of their dreams?


Denise Grahame and Roger Denis met 3 years ago, and Denise soon joined Roger in falling in love with the Bretagne culture and lifestyle. Having now retired, they’ve moved out to Brittany and are renting in the area around the town of Callac. For their budget of £120,000 Laura Hamilton shows them five rural properties that will allow them to make the move full time.


Music therapist Sarah Hadley from Surrey has a long-term love affair with the Greek island of Crete, a place she and best friend Sue Williams have been visiting together for years. Now, Sarah is after her perfect Cretan holiday home and has asked Sue to help her with the decision. Jasmine Harman shows them five incredible properties for a budget of £150,000.


Elaine and Patrick Scott from Lancashire are both history buffs with a passion for the 1940’s, and are looking to relocate permanently across the channel to Normandy in France. They’re drawn by the rich culture and history on offer there and with £140,000 to spend they are after a home in the Manche area. Laura Hamilton shows them five properties for their money.


Avon Dixon and Gionvanna Piscopo from Leicestershire are looking for a holiday home in the Dordogne region of France that will serve as a summer getaway with a view to retiring there in a few years time. Ben Hillman shows them what their £100,000 will buy them in this stunning rural corner of the country.


John & Della Baines’ daughter Megan moved to Cyprus last year, and after visiting her and seeing the island for themselves, they decided it was the perfect spot for a holiday home. For their budget of £45,000 Jasmine Harman shows them five great value apartments in and around the west coast resort of Paphos.



Leyla and Will Moore from Leeds both have hectic working lives, but now the 5 kids they have between them are now grown up, they’re ready to slow down a little and buy their very own place in the sun. For their budget of £350,000 Scarlette Douglas shows them five stunning villas on the Algarve.


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