This documentary series goes behind the frontlines of war with The British Army as they play a new role in a deeply unstable world tackling the rise of the so-called Islamic State, a new cold war in Eastern Europe and conflict in Africa.

Episode 1 The Battle for Mosul

In this first episode, the army returns to Iraq where they have a bloody history. 179 British soldiers were killed here between 2003 and 2011. Now they’re helping the Iraqi’s defeat the so-called Islamic State. As the battle for Mosul begins the series is with the regiments operating behind the frontlines. Can the army face off their enemies, find lasting peace and avoid being drawn into costly new wars?

For the British soldiers in Iraq their new role is not easy. There are no clean-cut victories like there was in the Falklands war. However, 2016 was the first year since 1968 that no British soldier died in combat.

Episode 2 The New Cold War

The army is sent to Estonia, on the frontline of a new cold war. As Russia flexes its muscles in Ukraine and there is a massive build up of troops across Eastern Europe, the risk of miscalculation is very real. Can the British Army deter Russian expansion and avoid being drawn into a costly new war?

As the size of the British Army shrinks and the world becomes increasingly uncertain, this type of operation will become more commonplace. Unaware of Russia’s next move, the British Army could remain in Estonia for the next 5 years.

Episode 3 Keeping The Peace in South Sudan

400 British Soldiers are sent to South Sudan, one of the most dangerous places in the world, as part of a UN peacekeeping operation. South Sudan has been torn apart by a bloody civil war, famine and disease. Over 50,000 people have been killed and 3.8 million civilians have been forced to flee their homes. For many, the only safe haven is UN run refugee camps.

The British Army is deployed to two of the biggest camps in South Sudan. Life outside the camp gates is on a knife edge. Children are recruited as soldiers, rape is used as a weapon against women and men are afraid to step outside. This episode follows the British Army supporting the UN as they try to keep a fragile peace in a conflict where they can’t take sides and have a restricted mandate and limited resources.  Can the British Army help build a better future for the desperate displaced refugees?

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A Wild Pictures Production for BBC2


What the papers say:

Daily Mail ‘Pick of the Day’ “Riveting three-part documentary series takes us to the heart of the Army to see the challenges it faces.”The Times “Eye-opening new three-part series takes us to the heart of the British Army…revealing the unique challenges involved in fighting wars when Britain is not at war.”  
The Daily Telegraph 
“This insightful series taking us to the heart of the Army.”

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