Trevor Hardy, known as the ‘Beast of Manchester’, committed a series of horrific murders in the 1970s, but the reasons why have remained unknown…until now

Trevor Hardy, dubbed The Beast of Manchester, went on a killing spree in Manchester during the 1970s, killing three innocent schoolgirls in a series of horrific attacks that left police baffled. He escaped capture for nearly two years, until he was finally arrested in August 1976.

However, for the first time ever, thanks to unique access to the box of his personal files found in his prison cell and left to his younger brother Colin after his death, we reveal the dark truths about Trevor’s brutal killing spree.
Thanks to the police files and Hardy’s prison diary, we prove how the Greater Manchester Police missed a perfect chance to capture Trevor, which could’ve saved the lives of his last two victims, and how Hardy could’ve been responsible for a further murder of 17-year-old Dorothy Leyden – a case that remains cold until this very day.

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