‘The most chilling TV murder hunt you’ll ever watch – because it’s real’

Deep in the rabbit warren of Eaglestone estate, Milton Keynes, teenager Suhaib Mohammed is gunned down with a single shot.

With exclusive access to Thames Valley Police, we follow the twists and turns of this investigation and delve deep into the murky street world of suburbia to discover who killed him.  The defendants are hunted down and once found, surprisingly can’t seem to stop talking.  As they blame each other, they split opinion amongst the police as to who is really to blame.

The action is fast-paced, unpredictable and in amongst it all is detective Kev, trying to find the truth amongst the interviews, and the man charged with running the investigation, Mike.

The stakes are high – for one person, it’s the difference between freedom and 30 years in prison under joint enterprise.  As the investigation twists and turns we also meet Suhaib’s family, and uncover the tragedy of their young son, who was only recently groomed into this world of drugs, guns and broken lives.

A True Vision Production for Channel 4

What the Papers Say!

“A gripping insight into murder, drugs and bias” – The Telegraph ****

“It’s a rare copper who’s surprised by anything humans get up to and even rarer a TV show manages to capture the surprise.” – The Sunday Express

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