This jaw dropping but heart-warming series takes us inside the grimiest homes with a team of highly trained specialist cleaners as they pull on the rubber gloves and tackle domestic dirt like you’ve never seen before

From crime scenes and hoarders to squalid homes and toxic toilets, Call the Cleaners follows Britain’s extreme cleaners.  Join the 4th emergency service as they help people whose lives have been overtaken with dust, grime and clutter.

This series allows us to explore the extreme challenges that ordinary people face in their everyday lives, from the loneliness of old age or alcoholism to the social pressures of family life and relationships. It’s allowing us to look into ordinary homes and witness extraordinary things.

Call The Cleaners features some incredible transformations as well as uplifting stories of helping those most in need.

A Curve Media Production for ITV

What the Papers Say!

Sky Today – Top Pick
The Sunday People – “After watching Call The Cleaners I’m giving (my cleaner) a pay rise. And a grateful hug.”

Episode 1

In London extreme cleaners Yvonne and Angela are tackling the worst job in their 19 years in the business. And Maxine and daughter Jasmine get to grips with a hoarder’s flat stuffed with 30 years’ worth of clutter to give the resident a fresh start.

Episode 2

Extreme cleaner Shaun and his team get called to a trashed rental property in Kent. Maxine and Jasmine encounter a mountain of cigarette butts in Luton; and sisters Yvonne and Angela tackle a bedsit with an infestation of German cockroaches.

Episode 3

Mother and daughter, Maxine and Jasmine, face one of their biggest hoarder jobs yet: an elderly man has a bungalow packed with 30 years’ worth of belongings. And George and his team face a difficult clean up after a body was discovered in a flat.

Episode 4

Extreme cleaners Maxine and Jasmine help a man who is caring for his elderly father; the house hasn’t had a deep clean in decades. And Yvonne and Angela have their work cut out with the worst toilet they’ve ever encountered.

Episode 5

Yvonne and Angela help an artist whose house is overrun with clutter. And  Maxine and Jasmine go to Clacton to a maisonette that is covered in years’ worth of animal fur from their 16 pets. Mum and daughter face a battle with cat hair and fly poo.

Episode 6

Maxine and Jasmine  are in Luton this week cleaning a neglected house for a son who cares for his poorly mum. And in Kent sisters Yvonne and Angela have one of their toughest jobs yet: a hoarder who struggles to let anything go.

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