From squalid homes and drug dens to blood spills and hoarders, Call the Cleaners is back, tackling domestic dirt like you’ve never seen before. In each episode, Britain’s 4th emergency service will take on three extreme cases helping people whose lives have been overtaken with dust, grime and clutter.

Mother and daughter duo Maxine and Jasmine are used to cleaning some horror homes but they approach every job with a big heart and gallows humour.

Sisters Yvonne and Angela have been in business together for 20 years and see themselves as social workers with mops. Ex-army man Steve takes a military approach to each of his stomach-churning jobs.

Nothing phases these hardened cleaners. In this series they face a house so filled to the brim its owner sleeps in the shed, what could be Britain’s dirtiest kitchen and a drugs den littered with thousands of infected needles.

Call the Cleaners features some incredible transformations as well as uplifting stories of helping  those most in need.

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The Independent ****

3 million Ratings Winner!

Episode 1

Sisters Yvonne and Angela tackle a hoarders house that is so bad the lady has been sleeping in the shed for the last six years; and father and son team Steve and Jamie have to rid a drugs den of thousands of dirty needles.

Episode 2

Father and Son team Steve and Jamie are called to the home of a compulsive shopper who is suffocating under a mountain of purchases. Maxine and Jasmine tackle a microwave from Hell, and George and Connor have a blood biohazard clean to contend with.

Episode 3

Yvonne and Angela clean up an abandoned house in Wales; Maxine and Jasmine have a nasty job cleaning up fur and faeces in a house full of cats; and Steve and Jo are confronted with what could be Britain’s grimiest kitchen.

Episode 4

Maxine and Jasmine take on a decluttering job in a house with thirty years worth of arts and crafts materials. Yvonne and Angela tackle a flat covered in rubbish and dog poo; and ex-army man steve faces a shocking toilet that even he can’t clean.

Episode 5

Maxine and Jasmine take on a house that is covered in dust; Yvonne and Angela need a chisel to remove filth from the floor of a house that hasn’t been cleaned in 28 years. And George and Connor get a few surprises in a house clearance job.

Episode 6

Father and son cleaning team Steve and Jamie help out a man who has been reduced to living in one room of his neglected flat. And Maxine and Jasmine tackle a loo that has an extreme limescale problem.

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