Eight celebrities – all new to farm life – spend ten days on a beautiful farm tending to animals and carrying out farming duties under the instruction and supervision of the resident farmer.

Episode 1

Arriving at Lunsford Farm in East Sussex, things immediately go wrong when glamour girl Charlotte Dawson comes a cropper on her high heels. The celebs’ first challenge is just to find their way around the farm and solve some riddles.

Episode 2

The celebs are split into two teams competing at sheep-herding, which only results in copious selfies and several verses of Kum Ba Ya. Task number two is to visit an alpaca farm in Kent, and clip the unpredictable animals’ toenails.

Episode 3

On a damp and dreary day, the celebs must dress up their scarecrows with whatever is to hand. Megan gets quite emotional when asked to nurse an orphaned lamb.

Episode 4

A mystery challenge results in Gleb Savchenko and Ashley McKenzie taking their shirts off, and Sandi Bogle throwing down some shapes, farmyard-style. But who will be the first celeb sent out to pasture?

Episode 5

Today’s tasks involve moving the produce around the farm, so the celebs must spend a day hay-baling and tractor-driving. Controlling the lumbering vehicles is harder than any of them expected.

Episode 6
The amateur farmers head to the dairy farm, where they are split into teams to learn how to milk the cows. Gleb Savchenko calls it his ‘best day ever’, but Bobby Norris is less impressed with his own close encounter.

Episode 7
The first task is to gather up sheep droppings from the fields and test them for diseases. After that unpleasantness, a second task to take animal selfies seems like a reward.

Episode 8
The celebs are challenged to show off what they have learned by giving a tour of the farm to visitors, with farmer Chris observing. A relaxing quiz night at the local village pub does not go to plan.

Episode 9
It is time for the semi-final. Charlotte Dawson declares herself the ‘Tractor Queen’, but Louis nimbly races ahead when it comes to planting potatoes. Farmer Chris goes to deliberate and decide on which celeb he wants to keep around.

Episode 10
The Grand Finale arrives, and only three celebs remain. Chris has some final challenges for them before he decides – Sheep Dagging, Welly Wanging, and Tossing the Sheaf!

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