Insurance fraud has reached epidemic levels in the UK. It’s costing us more than £1.3 billion every year. that’s almost 3.6 million every day. Back for another series Claimed and Shamed looks at exposing even more insurance fraudsters lying on the phone or caught out on camera. We follow the Met Police and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department on a number of early morning raids, as they hunt down, arrest and convict suspected insurance fraudsters.

A Curve Media Production for BBC 1

Episode 1

A bogus car insurance claim leads to the police tracking down and recovering hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of vehicles stolen from the UK, while a mother’s attempt to cash in with a personal injury claim after the most minor of bus crashes is caught on camera. A man ends up doing time when the City of London police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department crack his lost watch scam and a father frames his own son for destroying a supposedly valuable work of art. In the USA an attempt at home insurance fraud ends in tragedy.

Episode 2

Secret filming reveals a woman claiming she’s too injured to work is as fit as an insurance fiddler, a Doctor fakes a family member’s death to avoid paying for replacement flights and a professional fighter’s bid for compensation is knocked back. The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department catch up with the owner of courier company who sent his unsuspecting delivery drivers out on UK roads without insurance in an effort to save money, while compensation is off the menu for a man caught throwing himself down some restaurant stairs in an outrageous personal injury stunt and a traveller’s claim for a helicopter rescue that never happened fails to get off the ground.


Episode 3

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department catches up with a married couple who’ve been systematically defrauding their medical insurers for over a decade. Two men end up owing an insurance company over ten thousand pounds after deliberately crashing their cars into each other to try and earn a quick buck, an employee’s compensation claim for an injury at work falls flat when it’s discovered he wasn’t actually there at the time of the accident and a whiplash claim comes to a screeching halt when CCTV footage reveals that the 2 vehicles involved barely touched each other.

Episode 4

Secret filming reveals a man’s injuries are grossly exaggerated, a holidaymaker concocts an elaborate story to cover the costs of missed flights and a fraudster fakes a serious illness to claim for loss of earnings for a made up career, two motor insurance fraudsters are caught in the act staging a car crash, and a horrifying tale of torture from America sees a woman executed in a shocking life insurance con.

Episode 5

A man charged with illegally selling bogus insurance policies goes on the run after his home is raided by the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. A sportswoman’s claim for loss of earnings falters at the start line when an Internet search reveals she’s been competing all along and a man’s attempt to commit insurance fraud by staging a car crash fails to get out of first gear. An opportunist learns that it’s hard to get money in compensation for falling over when CCTV footage shows that you remained on your feet the entire time and a personal injury claim is knocked back when phone call recordings reveal the claimant admitted, not once but twice, to her insurance company that she wasn’t hurt in any way.

Episode 6

CCTV stops a pedestrian’s personal injury claim in its tracks when it shows that he was never hit at all, pet insurers expose a dog owner’s canine con and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department unravel the plot when a wannabe film director claims an airline has lost nearly £200,000 worth of camera equipment. A social media search delivers the knock out blow to a martial arts fighter’s bogus personal injury claim, a serial scammer’s repeated travel insurance claims are grounded and in America a tragic accident turns out to be a shocking life insurance fraud.

Episode 7

A man with a genuine claim is left empty handed after secret filming reveals he’s been grossly exaggerating his injuries. A serial fraudster is sentenced to a decade behind bars when the law catches up with him. A claim for a lost mobile phone is cut off when investigations reveal the owner’s already put in ten identical claims. Call recordings come back to haunt one claimant when they try to claim for personal injury compensation, having previously declared they weren’t hurt at all and a passenger on a night bus discovers it’s hard to prove you’ve suffered whiplash injuries when CCTV shows there was never a collision and you were stayed asleep the entire time.

Episode 8

The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department are the on the hunt for a gang of fraudsters attempting to scam thousands of pounds out of insurance companies using a broken down ice-cream van, a prisoner hasn’t learnt any lessons in good behaviour as she tries to lie her way to an insurance payout and a traveller’s harrowing account of being attacked and robbed at gunpoint whilst travelling in Tanzania turns out to be a total fabrication. Also, an Insurance company cries ‘foul’ when social media exposes a footballer’s attempts to kick off a fraudulent personal injury claim and an American woman’s evil plan to cash in on her husband’s one million dollar life insurance policy, is thwarted thanks to some extraordinary hidden camera footage.

Episode 9

A private credit hire company work with police to identify a mysterious thief stealing fraudulently obtained hire cars and flush him out in unique sting operation, a man loses his cool when his bogus mobile phone claim is cancelled and a bus inspector masterminds a deliberate crash for cash with a bus full of passengers. When a man’s cellar floods with raw sewage the smell of home insurance fraud is unmistakable and a driver caught staging collisions to make fraudulent insurance claims flees the country.

Episode 10

Secret filming captures the remarkable recovery of a man claiming he can barely walk, while a woman who claims to have lost her phone on a drunken night out gets a sobering response from her insurers. A careless cyclist’s personal injury claim hits the skids, the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department catch a teenager selling fake insurance policies to unsuspecting motorists and attempt to extend a holiday abroad goes down the pan. In America a doctor giving chemotherapy to healthy patients is exposed in the country’s biggest heath care fraud.


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