This long-running series returns exposing even more insurance fraudsters lying on the phone or caught out on camera.

Episode 1

Undercover filming reveals that a handyman is working despite claiming disability on his income protection policy, while a travelling football fan is caught offside as he struggles to get almost every aspect of his stolen luggage story straight.An opportunist tries to catch her insurers napping by claiming for a top-of-the-line mattress, a serial fraudster comes unstuck after he tries to make the same personal injury claim three times in 12 years, and in the USA a convicted fraudster goes to jaw-dropping lengths to delay a ten-year jail sentence.

Episode 2

A motorist with a genuine claim is left out of pocket when forensic engineers discover that he has used a hammer to grossly exaggerate the damage to his vehicle, and a prisoner’s bogus personal injury claimcollapses after he fails to get his facts straight. A couple go on the run when their elaborate claim of being burgled at knifepoint is exposed as a fraud after the woman is interviewed wearing the jewellery she claimed was stolen, and phone records show that insurance for a new puppy was taken out after it had been injured.

Episode 3

A claim for a water-damaged mobile phone sinks when the claimant admits it is a fraudulent claim, and shocking spelling is the undoing of a chancer attempting to cash in on their travel insurance policy for medical treatment that never took place. A couple fail to get their stories straight in a made-up motor insurance claim, while an opportunist miraculously predicts her own accident at work. Pub CCTV cameras show what really happened when a cyclist attempts to take the brewery for a ride with a personal injury claim, and a pair of motorists confess to claiming for the same damage twice.

Episode 4

A serial scammer is caught out when he attempts to make identical travel insurance claims by altering the figures on a police report, while a caravan owner concocts an elaborate story to claim for a theft that never even happened. A fraudster who cashed in by selling worthless insurance policies is brought to justice, and a couple’s personal injury claim fails to get into first gear when bus CCTV reveals that they deliberately caused the collision themselves. In the USA, a fraudster’s barbaric scheme to profit from a fraudulent insurance claim results in a life-changing injury for his victim.

Episode 5

A serial fraudster’s bogus burglary claims are busted when greed gets the better of him, a motorist is caught red-handed when he tries to claim for the same damage twice, and a woman comes clean after a dirty attempt to claim on her phone insurance. A holidaymaker is caught trying to use her travel policy to fund a make-over, a motorist’s opportunist attempt to cash in on a crash is scuppered by CCTV footage, and a dog breeder fails to get her facts straight when pursuing a claim for an injured puppy.

Episode 6

A railway worker’s £300,000 personal injury claim for a broken thumb hits the buffers when undercover filming proves he is taking his insurers for a ride, and a fraudulent claim for a mobile phone lost in a river sinks like a stone when the handset resurfaces in a recycling shop. Metadata embedded in a photo is the undoing of a woman whose claim for almost £2,000 worth of stolen make-up turns out to be made up. A dog owner is caught attempting to take out a policy on a puppy after it has been injured, and black box technology fitted to a car reveals what really happened in an elaborate crash for cash con.

Episode 7

A large-scale bogus injury scam is foiled as a group of football supporters fail to clock the CCTV cameras on board the bus, a motorist is caught in the act when he tries to repeat a previous claim by deliberately causing an accident, and social media is the undoing of a bride-to-be’s claim for a lost engagement ring. A driver’s attempt to exaggerate his claim backfires when he can’t get his story straight and in America, a psychiatrist involved in diagnosing patients with false mental illnesses is exposed in one of the largest fake prescription scams in history.

Episode 8

A driver’s personal injury claim is rumbled when CCTV footage reveals that he was never even in the car, while a woman’s attempt to cash in at the expense of her travel insurer is exposed, thanks to her childish counterfeit skills. It is bad news for a burglary claim when a photo of one of the stolen items includes a newspaper from after the date of the burglary, and a party-loving claimant is caught out when his friends and family reveal that his accident was nobody’s fault but his own. A claim for fire damage goes up in smoke when insurers prove the claimant didn’t even own the house at the time, and an opportunistic bus passenger fails to spot the cameras recording his every move when he changes the sequence of events to suit his personal injury claim.

Episode 9

A gang that risked the lives of innocent motorists by deliberately causing crashes is brought to justice, while undercover filming catches out a budding entrepreneur who thinks he can claim on his income protection policy whilst running his own business. Metadata and a feeble attempt at forgery derail a fraudulent claim for possessions lost on a train, social media posts come back to haunt a woman trying to insure her mobile phone after she has lost it on a drunken night out, and a boxer’s ham-fisted bid to cash in with a bogus personal injury claim is knocked back by his insurer.

Episode 10

The next stop is jail for a gang that made the mistake of thinking it could cash in by deliberately causing a collision with a bus, while a holidaymaker’s claim for lost luggage is grounded thanks to forged documents. Information embedded in digital photos submitted to back up a burglary claim proves that the items were never even stolen, and a phone call comes back to haunt a motorist claiming for compensation two-and-a-half years after the accident took place. Time is called on a personal injury claim against a pub when CCTV shows the claimant wasn’t even there, and in America a woman is found guilty of killing her husband for money.

A Curve Media Production for BBC1

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