Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond travel across the UK competing to find house hunters their dream home either on the coast or in the country.

Episode 1 – Northumberland
Wendy and Christopher have retired, and plan to move to Northumberland, making it a base to explore the UK in their campervan. Should they spend their £175,000 budget on the coast or in the country?

Episode 2 – Somerset
Patricia, Mark and their dog Troy have £200,000 to spend on a holiday home in Somerset. But should Troy’s walkies be along the beach or through the countryside?

Episode 3 – South Wales
University lecturer Paul wants to leave the city for a more peaceful life in Wales. Can Kerr Drummond convince him to buy by the beach, or will he choose one of Sara Damergi’s countryside options?

Episode 4 – South Devon and Cornwall
Pauline and Graham are retiring to Devon or Cornwall. But while she wants to paint in the countryside, he wants to buy a yacht and take to the sea. Where should they buy their new home?

Episode 5 – Northumberland
Les and Andrea have six children between them and dream of escaping the mayhem in a quiet holiday home in Northumberland. But while Andrea wants to live the beach life, Les wants countryside solitude.

Episode 6 – East Scotland
Brian and Marjory are approaching retirement and want to return home to Scotland. But while Marjory envisages sea views, Brian wants an expanse of Scottish landscape he can call his own.

Episode 7 – Kent
Elaine lives in Derbyshire, where she knows and loves the countryside but has always wanted to live by the sea. Now she’s ready to take the leap and start a new life in Kent.

Episode 8 – Devon
Rob and Wendy plan a move to Devon, but have different ideas, Rob loves the country, while Wendy has always wanted to walk out of her door and stroll on the beach.

Episode 9 – Isle of Wight
Andrew and Elizabeth have £300,000 to start a new life on the Isle of Wight. Sculptor Elizabeth is swept off her feet by a sea view, while practical plumber Andrew prefers the countryside.

Episode 10 – North Devon and Somerset
Retired architect Libby £1.3 million to fulfil her lifelong dream of opening her own stud eventing yard in North Devon or Somerset. Kerr and Sara battle it out to make her dream come true.

Episode 11 – Kent
Marika lives in Germany but wants to be closer to her family. She is torn between Kent’s glorious beaches and its green rolling hills. Sara takes on Kerr to find her dream home for £400k.

Episode 12 – East Anglia
Daniel and Nicolette want to move from Peterborough to the wide open spaces of East Anglia, but while Nicolette loves a vibrant coastal community, Daniel wants a peaceful rural retreat.

Episode 13 – North Devon
Ben dreams of surfing the waves of north Devon but Gemma wants a picture postcard cottage in the countryside. Kerr and Sara take up the challenge to find them a perfect home for £400,000.

Episode 14 – North Wales
Clare wants to buy a holiday home in North Wales. She loves long country walks with her dogs but also wants to enjoy all coastal living has to offer. Kerr and Sara help solve her dilemma.

Episode 15 – Somerset
Andrew and Lesley would like a home in Somerset, but Andrew wants a plot of land while Lesley would be happy on the coast. Sara and Kerr compete to find a home they both love for £600k.

Episode 16 – Sunderland
Ian and Ann want to settle in Sunderland. Nature lover Ann wants to live in the country, while Ian dreams of living by the seaside. Kerr and Sara compete to find the perfect home for £175k.

Episode 17 – Hampshire and Dorset
Anna and Wolde have £900,000 to spend on their dream home in Hampshire or Dorset. But while Anna loves the sound of the sea, Wolde wants rural peace…

Episode 18 – North Devon
Renee and Matt both love North Devon, but while Matt dreams of a vibrant coastal town, Renee wants to be surrounded by rolling fields. Sara and Kerr help them look for a home for £150k.

Episode 19 – West Sussex
Godelieve dreams of living in West Sussex, but she also wants to help her daughter with a deposit for a first home in London; can she do both? Kerr and Sara show her properties for £450k.

Episode 20 – Dorset
Sandy and Andy would love a holiday home in Dorset. With Andy away, friend Jules steps in to fight his country corner, while coastal loving Sandy struggles to balance location and space.

Episode 21 – Lincolnshire
John and Sue want to move to Lincolnshire to be closer to their family. Sue wants a rural retreat surrounded by country views, while John has always dreamt of living near the water.

Episode 22 – Kent
Retired couple Roger and Anne have lived in the same house for 42 years, but now want to move away from the busy commuter town of Swanscombe. Will it be inland or by the sea?

Episode 23 – Dorset
Sue and Roy set Kerr Drummond and Sara Damergi one of their biggest challenges: to find them a dream home in the hot property market of Dorset for their budget of £90,000.

Episode 24 – East Sussex
Tony and Debbie have clear ideas of what their home in East Sussex should be like, but they don’t know where it should be. Debbie loves country life, while Tony prefers the buzz of coastal living.

Episode 25 – Cornwall
Tree surgeon Toby and his wife Marika are after a dream home in Cornwall, but while Toby wants to be within walking distance of a Cornish beach, Marika needs land for a vegetable patch.

Episode 26 – Cornwall
David wants to live by the beach while Shirley loves the countryside. Coastal expert Kerr Drummond and country fan Sara Damergi compete to find them their perfect property for £300,000.

Episode 27 – Dorset
Colin and Jane have lived in the same house in Cheltenham for 25 years, but now with their children all grown up they are free to make their dream move to Dorset.

Episode 28 – Essex
Carla lives with her mother Doreen in Middlesex. She has a busy life in fashion, but dreams of escaping to a holiday home in the countryside. However, Doreen prefers the seaside.

Episode 29 – Norfolk
Ian and Steph want to retire to Norfolk, but while Ian wants the peace and quiet of country life, Steph wants to embrace the buzz of a coastal community.

Episode 30 – East Scotland
David and Anne are now semi-retired and spend half the year in Costa Rica, but the rest of the time they want to live in David’s childhood home of east Scotland.

A Freeform production for Channel 4

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Programming Info
           Channel 4
Series Duration:        
30 x 48′

Coast Vs Country Series 2

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