In 1981, across the country, people were glued to their TV sets as Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, the Prince of Wales, in the fairy-tale wedding of the century. In the years that followed, Princess Diana touched the hearts of millions of people around the world and this  documentary from British Award Winning Production Company, Testimony Films, follows Diana through her special relationships with ‘ordinary’ people.

Illustrated with rarely seen footage (Like the Investiture of Charles as the Prince of Wales and him as a young man before he met Diana)  it features people (most of them big characters) whose lives she touched in many different ways.

We’ll reveal the ordinary people who were helped by her generous charity – how Diana’s ability to reach out to those in need touched the lives of many including those with AIDS. We’ll meet the insiders who got to know her well during her work with the children’s hospice and we’ll find out the effect her tragic death had on the people who loved her most.

We’ll hear from ardent super fans who followed the ups and downs of her remarkable life.

This film is very original, emotional, heart-warming and in places very quirky.

A programme that takes a very different view point, a much more personal insight and really explores the Real Princess of Wales – The People’s Princess 

A Testimony Films Production for BBC1

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