Could dyslexia be a gift? Or can it only ever be a disability? Documentary maker Richard Macer sets off on a road trip with his dyslexic son Arthur to find the answer. En route they meet Richard Branson and Eddie Izzard, and many other successful dyslexic people.

Dyslexia is a problem with reading and writing that affects 1 in 10 of us.   It causes misery to many school children and it can lead to greater problems further in life.  For example, 50 percent of prisoners are thought to be dyslexic.  But at the same time many successful people are also dyslexic and businesses like Google, NASA and GSHQ see the benefit in a neuro diverse work force.  Richard and Arthur seek to find an answer to this conundrum and in doing so interview academics, scientists and designers.

But there is a personal narrative at the heart of this film too.   Richard really struggled at school just like his son and now 40 years on he is going to be assessed for dyslexia.

Will the result give him closure on a lifetime of feeling different?  And if he is dyslexic – does that mean his son has inherited a gift or a curse?

A Platform production for BBC4

What the Papers say:

The Telegraph- “A touching and eye-opening tour of a subject rarely explored on television” 4 stars


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