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Duration: 6 x 60'

Examining street gang culture, this ground breaking series provides unprecedented access to some of London’s most notorious young gangs.

Gangland gives unprecedented access to some of London’s most notorious young gangs. Armed with cameras, this unique access takes us into the hearts and minds of what is a genuine and active gang, revealing for the first time what they do and how they do it – from recruitment to initiation and operation (where the boundaries of their criminality allow us to go).

We also follow one former gang member as he wrestles with leaving his gang past behind and contemplates the substantial jail sentence he faces for his life as a gang drug kingpin and deals with the outcome of the choices he has made.

The series will explore how gangs have developed an increasing foothold in the UK and chronicle the devastating impact the shootings and knife attacks (that caused the death of 25 teenagers in 2017 and continues to do so) are having on the families affected and wider communities who are also living with the outcome.  It will also examine the themes of loss, how young people are groomed into the lifestyle, hear from those who are actively seeking a solution to the growing menace and from those whose children have been killed and are grappling with life without their loved ones.

A Maroon production for Channel 5


Ep 1 – Turf Wars
This episode follows an ex drug kingpin as he leaves behind his lavish lifestyle, faces up to the possibility of another long jail sentence and visits his cousin who runs a gang in Paris, an ex gang member from Brixton who was involved in bank robberies and a shootout in a London street and two active gang members who talk about their crack production operation in an affluent area of London.

Ep 2 – Murder
This episode looks at the effect on families and communities of losing a child to knife crime and the ways the youths left behind try to escape the same fate.

Ep 3 – Grooming
This episode reveals how teenagers are groomed into the lifestyle and the devastating cost paid by those that refuse the overtures of the gangs.

Ep 4 – Death in Suburbia
This episode reveals how gangs and their culture have spread to suburbs like Croydon playing out violent post code wars that claim the life of a 15 year-old school boy.

Ep 5 – Seeking Solutions
This episode examines what it takes to leave the world of gangs behind, hearing from a convicted killer and a sporting success, who both explain how they made the change.

Ep 6 – Taking Revenge
This episode reveals why gangs refuse to forgive their rivals and hears from the families who in turn are seeking justice as their way of coping.

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