Set in Amazing Grace Rescue Centre (founded by Dr. Brian May and Anne Brummer in Windlesham Surrey), join presenter Steve Backshall as we follow rescues, vet procedures and releases for the UK’s favourite animal, the humble hedgehog!

Steve meets Brian to find out the hedgehog’s stories before immersing himself at the centre with the dedicated staff. Juvenile hedgehog Claude was rescued in a bad way, severely dehydrated with a fractured leg; we’ll follow his story from rescue to rehabilitation. Ernie a hog who was rescued with a badly damaged leg, Steve got the ultimate reward when he helped release him back into the wild.

Away from the centre we meet Derek, a completely bald hog! After an attack by crows the stress caused his spines to fall out. He has regular massages and treatment but so far nothing has worked. There’s Moonbeam the blind hog, unable to survive in the wild we see her go to a safe garden to live out the rest of her hog days. We’ll show you how to hog proof your garden to encourage a visit, and Steve has a late-night tracking session at Regents Park to try and find wild hedgehogs – in the last known colony in London.

Fun, insightful and engaging, Meet The Hedgehogs takes us into the world of the hog whilst showing us how we can play a part in their survival.


An Athena Films Production for Channel 5

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