Set in Amazing Grace Rescue Centre (founded by Dr. Brian May and Anne Brummer in Windlesham Surrey), join presenter Steve Backshall as we follow rescues, vet procedures and releases for the UK’s favourite animal, the humble hedgehog!

Meet the Hedgehogs takes us into the world of the amazing prickly creatures whilst showing us how we can play a part in their survival.

Once booming, hedgehogs’ numbers are now at an all-time low, across three one-hour episodes Presenter Steve Backshall take us into the world of these charismatic balls of prickles. We’ll get up close and personal with the hogs and discover how each and every one of us can help them.

Steve immerses himself at the Amazing Grace Rescue Centre founded by Queen Guitarist Dr Brian May and Anne Brummer. They help around 700 hedgehog every year – From the emergency rescue of large hedgehog Kim who’s stuck down a tiny drain, to 4 babies being harassed by a cat, to the bizarre case of Hope who’s spinning in circles.

They’ll be medical emergencies, including Brian and Anne holding their breath when three-legged hedgehog Phil stops breathing during an operation, the dramatic moment the team are fighting to keep two tiny 10-day-old hoglets alive…and hog Gordon fighting for survival after a severe case of mange has left him unable to move. There’s also triumphs as hedgehogs are nursed back to health and return to the wild.

Away from the centre we meet Derek, a completely bald hog! An attack by crows caused him so much stress, his spines fell out. Moonbeam the blind hog – unable to survive in the wild we see her go to a safe garden to live out the rest of her hog days. We meet the beautiful blonde hedgehogs on the tiny Island of Alderney, and catch up with 75-year-old Joan Lockley who’s cared for around 17,000 hedgehogs’! And we’ll show you how you can make your garden hedgehog friendly, to encourage a visit!

Meet the Hedgehog’s is fun, insightful and engaging. The hedgehogs are the stars of the show, as we take a peek into their secret world…

An Athena Films Production for Channel 5

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