The most recent Home or Away series dedicated to finding homes for people who would like to relocate either in Britain or further afield returns with a new twist.

The house hunters are taken to three properties in their chosen British location and three in the other country of their choice. What will they find in exploring these beauty spots and will they choose to live near home or away?


Mike Bodnar and Liz Prendergast live on a house boat in France for most of the year but would like somewhere warmer for the winter months. They know the sun always shines in Tenerife but are also drawn to Mike’s native Liverpool, as they have friends there and Liz could get work. Liz has her trusty spread sheet at the ready to note the finer points of each – so let battle commence! Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi help them make up their minds.

Nathan and Georgina Spender inherited money from both their parents and want to invest it wisely in a new lifestyle for themselves and their 7 year old son. They’re in the fortunate position of being able to downsize in Leicestershire and buy somewhere in their favourite destination, Lanzarote, for holidays and to move to eventually. Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi show them how they can change their lives.

Isle of White/Fuerteventura
Neil Smith and his partner Steph Grzyb have loved holidays in Fuerteventura – where Neil can play golf in guaranteed sunshine. Now he’d love to live there full time, but Steph would prefer to stay closer to home, on the Isle of Wight. So can Neil persuade Steph to take the big step of moving to The Canaries? Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi are on hand to give advice.

Kim Smith is desperate to start a new life in Spain now but her husband Pete doesn’t feel ready to move there just yet. So should they downsize near where they are now, in Warwickshire or buy somewhere they can use for holidays in the Antequera area of Spain now, before moving there eventually? BUT wherever they choose must also work for their beloved dog, Bailey. Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi show them some options.

East Devon/Comares
Hard working young couple, Marc and Lucy Champ, dream of escaping the rat race for weekends and holidays with their one year old son. But they’re torn between the East Devon of Marc’s childhood and Lucy’s preferred Comares area of sunny Spain. Will it be the weather or the properties Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi show them that make up their minds?

Yourkshire/Costa Granadina
Yorkshire based couple, Lisa and Stuart Newby, want to invest in a holiday home for their family. Australian born Lisa’s tired of the sun and craves a holiday home on the Dinosaur coast of Yorkshire, as she thinks they might use it more. But her husband Stuart and their children are lobbying for a place near the beach on the Costa Granadina in Spain. Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi show them properties to tempt them in each.

Cheltenham/Central Costa Del Sol
Matthew and Myra McGuigan have worked hard all their lives and now feel they deserve a relaxed retirement, playing golf and seeing their family. But should that be in Cheltenham, which they love, or in the sunnier climes of the Costa del Sol in Spain? They’ve already sold their house in the UK, so the pressure is really on Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi to find somewhere for them to move to fast.

Cotswolds/Costa Tropical
Fitness fanatics, Mike Bennett and his partner Andree Warbrick, need somewhere to get away to, so they can relax, away from the hard work of running their gym and martial arts club. Mike fancies a holiday pad on the Costa Tropical, while Andree thinks they should buy a bigger house near where they live now, in the Cotswolds. Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi show them some tempting options in each place

Oban/Lake Vinuela
Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi help best friends, Mary – Rose Cross and Jane Murison make a big decision. They want to have an adventure and move either to another part of Scotland or to Spain, where they can pursue their favourite outdoor lifestyle of sporting activities. Mary – Rose craves better weather, while Jane’s worried about moving away from her family, though she is definitely up for a new start. Which location will win them over?

Lincolnshire Wolds/Extremadura
Motivational speaker, Steve Robinson, lost an arm in a motocross accident but it has not held him back. He’s been learning to fly and loves horse riding, so would like somewhere with enough room to land a small plane and to ride. His builder friend Leigh is on hand to advise if he takes on a building project in either Lincolnshire or the Extremadura region of Spain. Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton take up the challenge.

Brighton/Western Costa Del Sol
Nicki Pritchard and Nigel Cooper have recently inherited money from Nigel’s father – enough to buy a second home. Should they buy where his father would have chosen – in Spain? Or will Nicki’s preference for Brighton – nearer her grandchildren – win the day? It’s down to Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton to help them decide.

Bridgewater/Valencia Province
AJ Woodward’s husband Charlie works abroad for much of the year. They want to give their 2 year old son the best possible upbringing but can’t decide whether that should be in Somerset or near Valencia in Spain. AJ’s friend Sam Johnson comes along for support and Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton offer their expert advice.

Wakefield/Central Valencia
Young couple Richard Fall and Laura Howes are thinking of settling down to start a family. But should they buy a nice big home in Wakefield, near where they live now in Leeds or have one last fling and buy a small apartment in vibrant Valencia, where they’ve spent happy holidays? Is now the time to be sensible – or live a bit? Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton take on their dilemma.

St Ives/Cullera
Andy and Gaynor Jones have inherited enough money to buy a holiday home for their family. They’ re torn between St Ives in Cornwall – Andy’s choice, as he hates flying – or around the Costa Del Azahar in Spain, where Gaynor spent happy days as an au pair in her youth. Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton show them what they could buy in each place.

North Cornwall/Collioure
Margaret Wagstaff and Keith Turner are companions who fancy a fresh start for their retirement years. But will they get more bang for their buck in Cornwall – or in South West France? Keith is drawn to his childhood holiday territory in the West Country, while Margaret, who enjoys painting, is excited by the artists paradise of Collioure. Jasmine Harman and Laura Hamilton show them what’s on offer in each.

Warwickshire/Canal Du Midi
Martin and Janette have a tough brief for Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin. They’d like a new home, where they can moor their beloved narrow boat at the end of their garden. But should this be near their family in the Warwickshire area where they live now, or in the beautiful Canal du Midi region of France?

West Wiltshire/Martel
Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton meet Graham and Sally Jenkins who’ve been together 40 years and would now like a change of scenery. But leaving their native Cardiff behind, should they opt for West Wiltshire or be seduced by the houses available around Martel, in the beautiful Lot region of France? A bedroom concealed behind a bookcase might just swing it.

Waveney Valley/Carcassonne
Celia Thompson has long dreamed of running an arts and crafts business in the Carcassonne area of France. But her partner Nick Hares is hesitant about leaving the UK, as his teenage daughters live near Cambridge. So he would prefer that they move to the Waveney Valley, on the border between Suffolk and Norfolk. Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton are on hand to help solve their dilemma.

Karin Lorenz dreams of one day starting a new life in south western France. But she wants to find the right house, with scope to run a self catering business now, so she can get it underway before moving there. But her partner Mike Griffin would prefer to live in Pembrokeshire. Whichever destination they plump for, Karin’s mum will be coming too – along with their 2 dogs. Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin are on hand with tempting properties.

North Devon/ Tarn-Et-Garonne
Graham Hartridge and Maggie Rogers have been together for 18 months and now fancy an adventure. Graham would love to buy in France but Maggie is nervous of taking the plunge, so would prefer Devon, nearer her family and friends. Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin show them places that mean they could live their dream.

Northumberland/Midi Pyrenees
Diane Rollisson and Robert Somerville are agreed that they want a holiday home but can’t agree on whether it should be in Northumberland or the Midi Pyrenees. Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin show the couple places in both and help them decide what to do.

Llyn Peninsula/Cote D’azure
Chester based couple, John and Elaine McMahon would like a holiday pad. John would prefer the Llyn peninsula in Wales, near to his beloved rowing club, while Elaine pines for the warmth, culture and quality of life on France’s Cote d’Azur. Laura Hamilton and Adrian Simpson help them resolve their dilemma.

Interior designer Alyson Jackson leads a hectic city life in London and longs for a more relaxing bolt hole. But she can’t decide between Cornwall and the South of France. She takes long time friend Louise Childs along to help her choose and Laura Hamilton and Adrian Simpson are on hand with their advice.

Jenny Kevan and her husband Bob always dreamt of buying a holiday pad near Menton in France. But since Bob died, Jenny’s been torn between realizing their dream – or buying a place in Yorkshire, close to her relatives. Her friend Sue Lees is on hand to help her decide and Laura Hamilton and Adrian Simpson give their expert advice.

Lynton, N Devon/Aude
Cyndy Bevan is pondering where to spend her retirement with her beloved dog Bailey. She’s torn between Lynton in North Devon which she loves and taking the plunge of moving to the Aude area of South West France. There are tough decisions to make but her friend Lyn Guse is on hand to help and Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin offer their expertise.

Irum and her husband Murtaza Khan have a family nest egg to invest in property but should that be close to their Midlands base – or on the balmy Costa Almeria in Spain? Irum’s mother is lobbying for home but Irum’s very tempted by the sun and water sports of Spain. Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin show them what they could buy in each.

Heather and Nigel Holmes fancy a brand new life in the Mijas area of Spain, in a modern home with amazing views. But as Heather’s mum is in a home in Hampshire they’d also like a smaller base there for when they visit the UK. Jasmine Harman and Jonnie Irwin help them find the best of both.

Alan Jones has just retired and his wife Ruth is about to do the same. They fancy a few years of adventure in Murcia, Spain before moving back to Exeter, while still keeping the Murcia house. So they’re in the market to buy in both and Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin show them their tempting options.

Grant and Francesca Crofton have a 2 year old son and would like to expand their family further. This means they need more space – but should that be in Leeds where they live now or Treviso in Italy, where Francesca comes from? Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin show them places in each and help weigh up their options.

Joy and Phil Keep, along with their 14 year old daughter Catriona, fancy a fresh start – the dilemma is where. Joy would like a more peaceful lifestyle in rural Lincolnshire, while Phil craves the sun and would love to live in Malta or Gozo. Laura Hamilton and Jonnie Irwin are on hand to show them houses to fall in love with in both locations.

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