With kids to feed and bills to pay, they’ve got to maintain relationships, work out what to tell the kids and support their men on the inside too. So who would be a Prisoner’s Wife?

Britain’s prisons are bursting at the seams. But with 80,000 men locked up, there have never been more women serving their own sentences – on the other side of the bars.

For 29 year old Carmen life is tough bringing up 12 year old Olivia and 8 year old Brody while her partner is inside – for the fourth time. “He’s the kids’ dad and when he is around he’s good,” says Carmen. “It’s just he’s not around as much as he should be.”

For 33 year old Laura, the joys of life with a one year old can be bitter sweet with her partner having gone inside just a week after baby Ava was born. “That moment that could have brought you a little bit of joy becomes a sad moment,” she explains. “As much as you’re happy that they’ve just took their first steps, he’s devastated because he’s missed it.”

And for 40 year old Jaymee, life is all about being mum and dad to 10 year old daughter Brooklyn. “Some people might think I’m stupid for staying with him,” she says. “But I actually love the guy.”

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