A ‘Slow TV’ series which takes us to a retreat and allows us to enjoy life at a monk’s pace.

Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery is three-part series which immerses the viewer in the world of the Benedictine monks. We’ll peer into this idiosyncratic but incredibly peaceful existence, allowing viewers to share the unique experience of living like a monk. The monks’ lives are the antithesis of our own and have remained largely unaffected by changes outside the monastery walls. This series will allow us to slow down to their speed and provide a welcome retreat from the hectic pace of our own daily lives.

We’ll visit three different monasteries in Britain and follow individual monks that live there. We’ll let the structure of their day define the pace and emphasis of the film – we’ll rise at dawn when they do, we’ll eat with them in silence, we’ll eavesdrop on the ancient rituals they conduct. We’ll follow them as they perform their daily duties to keep the monastery up and running – cooking supper, cleaning the cloisters, doing the laundry, growing fruit and vegetables in the abbey gardens. And we’ll observe the traditional crafts which occupy them.

A Tigerlily Production for BBC4

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