‘The most chilling TV murder hunt you’ll ever watch – because it’s real’

It’s May Bank Holiday. A mother of three has vanished with no contact with her partner, her kids or her wider family for over 48 hours. “It’s not like her” says her mum, Margaret. “What’s making you feel concerned?” says the police operative who answers the 999 call. “Him”.

What follows is the most extraordinary story of a police investigation over several months. For Thames Valley Police they have one huge problem. They can’t find Natalie Hemming.

Seen on CCTV with a man, the police have to decide if they will charge the suspect with a body-less murder. The pressure is on.

For DCI Simon Steel convictions without a body are very rare – and it’s his job not only to convict his suspect, but to find Natalie and bring her home to her family.

A True Vision production for Channel 4

Ratings 1.7 Million



“Catching a Killer showed the reality of detective work to be, unlike Lethal Weapon, slow and painstaking, while also proving that a fly-on-the-wall documentary reflecting this needn’t be dull. Anna Hall’s film had your critic riveted to the sofa.” – James Jackson, The Times

“The documentary holds your attention like the best police dramas.” – Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

“Made-up mysteries will never go out of fashion but shows like this prove true crime is just as powerful.” – Matt Baylis, Daily Express

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