A clip-show series with a unique ‘ticking clock’ format.


We hear stories about people narrowly escaping a sticky end, beating the odds to survive deadly situations. But there’s never been a way to establish the truth. Till now.

We’re all recording or being recorded 24/7,so it’s time to tell the real-life stories of those who were pulled (or indeed pulled themselves) from the clutches of the grim reaper at the very last moment – in dramatic syle

Never again will we doubt that these people really were SECONDS FROM DEATH.

Death-defying escapes from natural disasters, insanely brave rescues, medical emergencies, deadly animal attacks, horrific accidents, stunts gone wrong…With incredible eye-witness or CCTV footage , this series ramps up the tension with a ‘ticking clock’ format, counting down each and every second –  measuring out the time that our contributors have to escape.

Intercut with eye-witness and survivor interviews, we personal accounts of these terrifying events. .. and the incredible details of how the hell they managed to survive.


Ticking clock – this will be displayed in a corner of the screen to ramp up jeopardy (think of the series 24)

The show will incorporate a dramatic score to punctuate the action with rising dread and shattering crescendos.

The action is intercut with into camera interviews with those involved.

We hold back the final outcome – and the interview with the survivor till last – to ramp up the jeopardy. The audience stays with us to find out  if they made it… and if so, how and with what lasting damage?

When the clock’s countdown finally ends, we cut to black – we then come back in with the person who survived talking about their experience of being SECONDS FROM DEATH…and miraculously living to tell the tale!

Each episode includes – One BIG story per ep, 4 SMALLER ones, peppered with rapid-fire shorter clips in-between.

Screener to follow.

A Factory Films Production

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