In the UK the average woman keeps the same hair stylist for 12 years – longer than length of the average marriage. But more than just a place to get a cut and colour, hair salons are modern-day confession boxes. Secrets of the Salon eavesdrops on the private, candid and sometimes shocking conversations that take place in the hairdresser’s chair.

No subject is off limits, whether it’s sex, politics or social taboos, and in three diverse salons across the country we’re given a unique insight into what the nation really thinks.

From the family run salon in Wales renting out hair extensions to aspiring beauty pageant queens, to the hairdressers in Wood Green tending to Afro Caribbean tresses and the salon in Tooting preparing Asian brides-to-be for their lavish weddings, the intimate conversations between stylist and client reflect the social mores of multicultural Britain.

A Fresh One Production for Channel 4

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