Exploring the various pressures on modern students, from mental illness to financial worries, and the unorthodox or even dangerous ways they try to solve these problems.

Drug dealing on campus, selling sex to pay tuition fees, buying essays online and taking study drugs to achieve top grades, and other stories including sexual assault and mental health breakdowns on campus, this short form series explores the shocking real stories of students from the extreme end of British University life.

A Connected Set production for BBC 3

Social Media Stats:
First Episode 1.4 million views on YouTube
Top 10 on BBC iPlayer 

Episode 1: Drug Dealing on Campus (duration: 7’24):
A drug dealer supplying fellow students on his university campus shares his story. He claims he is trying to quit, but pressure from his suppliers is making it dangerous to stop.

Episode 2: Sexual Assault on Campus (duration: 4’12):
A female student’s life is turned upside down when she is sexually assaulted by another woman in her university halls of residence

Episode 3: Degrees for Sale (duration: 5’44):
A student who bought an essay online, falls victim to blackmail and being exposed to his university as a cheat. And a man who sells his time as a professional essay writer tells his side

Episode 4: Study Drugs: 100 Pills A Day (duration: 5’01):
A student uses so-called “study drugs” believing it makes him smarter, but his obsession sees him taking hundreds of pills a day.

Episode 5: Sugar Baby on Campus (duration: 4’46):
Unable to find a normal job, a broke female students turns to dating and sleeping with older men for money in order to supplement her student loan.




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