44 years after the IRA bombed two pubs in Birmingham, John Ware uncovers fresh evidence about the prime suspects for the attack. He identifies new names within the IRA who have never been linked to the plot.

Forty-four years ago, the IRA murdered 21 people in Birmingham in their deadliest attack on the British mainland.

A year later, 6 Irishmen were wrongfully convicted of mass murder in the greatest miscarriage of justice in British history.
After they were released in 1991, West Midlands Police re-opened the investigation. Since then there have been no arrests, no developments and no hope for the relatives of the victims.

Now reporter John Ware – who covered The Troubles for decades – picks up the threads of the investigation in Belfast, Birmingham and Dublin, identifying new suspects. Ware starts his hunt by reviewing some of the groundbreaking work done by ex-MP-turned author Chris Mullin and ITV’s World In Action to expose the flaws in the police’s case against the Birmingham 6.

They concluded that an IRA gang of some four men was responsible for the bombings. Some of them have since been named but mystery surrounds the identity of the two men who planted the bombs which killed 21 people.

Ware focuses his investigation on a key figure, known cryptically as the “The Young Planter.” After interviewing an old associate and a detective who once arrested him, the net appears to be closing. Now the investigation takes off to Dublin and the home of an old IRA operator. He knows the “Young Planter” but does he know the secrets of the Birmingham plot?

This is a ground-breaking investigation which will reveal: – How the police cultivated an informant within the Birmingham IRA – How one suspect slipped the country, just as detectives wanted to question him – And, for the first time, the prime suspects for the two bomb-planters.

A Wild Pictures production for ITV1

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