Full of high-kicking chorus lines, satirical touches and a wonderfully elegant score it tells the tale of Nanki-Poo and his love for Yum Yum. There’s just one snag. She’s betrothed to Ko-Ko, the new Lord High Executioner. And he needs someone to execute otherwise it’s his own head on the block. Perhaps Ko-Ko and Nanki-Poo can come to some arrangement, without anyone losing their head?

The Mikado Cast and Company
Conductor – Fergus Macleod
Director – Jonathan Miller
Set Designer – Stefanos Lazaridis
Costume Designer – Sue Blane
Ko-Ko, Lord High Executioner – Richard Suart
Nanki-Poo, son of Mikado – Anthony Gregory
Yum-Yum – Mary Bevan
Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else – Graeme Danby
Katisha – Yvonne Howard
Mikado – Robert Lloyd
Pish-Tush, Gentleman of Japan – George Humphreys
Pitti-Sing Yum-Yum’s sister – Rachael Lloyd
Peep-Bo Yum-Yum’s sister – Fiona Canfield
Orchestra – English National Opera Orchestra

What the papers say!

“feels fresh as paint”  * * * *  The Guardian

“Bright and sharp. The Pace never really lets up” * * * * * Daily Telegraph

Sung in English – Subtitles Available


English National Opera Production

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