Lifting the lid on a growing industry, exploring how people buy, sell and market sex. The Sex Business provides a raw and unvarnished insight into the sex industry.

Ep 1 – Porn Stars

A young leading female star of the porn world who has encouraged her new boyfriend to join the industry, a legendary cam girl, and gay porn star and fetish specialist reveal how a world of fantasy and surface glamour masks the costs paid by these performers in their personal lives.

Ep 2  – Working From Home

Three independent escorts pride themselves on being the ones in control. So-called ‘Sleazy Michael’ caters to men unable to express their sexual interests within their relationships. Mistress Dita provides an eye-watering menu of personal dominatrix services. Selfie-obsessed Holly rakes in a near six-figure annual income

Ep 3 – Working The Streets

The final episode follows six women who sell their bodies on the streets of Britain, each of whom have suffered a litany of sexual and mental abuse, and consequently manage serious addictions. Fiona’s first love is heroin, Twombi needs her boyfriend to act as her minder, and Linda was coerced into sex work as a teenager by her own mother

Series 2 4 x 60‘ – Delivery due  in 2019

WARNING – CONTAINS EXPLICIT MATERIAL please contact your Sales Manager for a screener

A Maroon production for Channel 5

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