Many Muslim women are unaware that their marriages aren’t legally recognised in Britain. This documentary meets women whose nuptials don’t afford them the same rights and protections as other couples.

The Truth About Muslim Marriage examines whether centuries old marriage laws need to be updated to reflect and better serve today’s multicultural, multi-faith country.

Dr Myriam François presents the results of a ground-breaking Channel 4 survey which reveals that many Muslim women in Britain are unaware that their religious marriages are not recognised in British law, so they don’t have the same rights and protections afforded to couples in a legally recognised marriage.

A True Vision Production for Channel 4

What the papers say:

The Observer “Without question the most important documentary of the week…A long overdue call for the civil and religious ceremonies to be combined. ”

The Sun “This informative programme looks at the results of a C4 survey that reveals many Muslin women don’t realise their religious marriages aren’t recognised in British law, which has huge implications in terms of rights”

The Times ‘Pick of the Day’ “Children suffer, women suffer, men get away scot free” says one Imam. Britain it seems lags behind most of the world on this matter.”

The Guardian ‘Pick of the Day’

The Daily Telegraph ‘Pick of the Day’

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