Too Gay For God? explores the place of the LGBTIQ+ community within the Christian faith, and the Church of England in particular, through the perspective of Reverend Jide Macaulay, an openly gay member of the clergy.

As well as being an ordained Deacon in the Church of England, Jide has started his own inclusive religious community, the House of Rainbow. But he wants the Church itself to adopt a more inclusive position towards the LGBTIQ+ community, with particular respect to the acceptance of same-sex marriages for members of the Priesthood.

For this film he will be setting out to meet people who have views on, and personal experience of, this complex and sensitive issue, he will seek to understand the position of leaders across various Christian denominations, and he will meet a scholar of scripture to ask just what the doctrinal issues really are.

Jide’s position reflects that of countless individuals who are struggling to reconcile their sexuality, identity and faith. And this film represents a vital opportunity to explore where those people – and the Church – go from here, through the perspective and experiences of someone who is both deeply committed to his faith and striving to be fully accepted by it.

An ACME production for BBC1

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