Working with Weinstein adds another dimension to our understanding of the disgraced Hollywood producer, with ordinary, non-celebrity employees and colleagues forced to endure his unwanted sexual advances and bullying and violent outbursts coming forward to speak for the first time.

Under criminal investigation in Britain and the US, expelled from BAFTA and the Academy of Motion Pictures, Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace has been swift since allegations of sexual abuse and harassment emerged against him last October.  The British film industry was central to Harvey Weinstein’s success, making him one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. While A-list actresses have made allegations of harassment, sexual abuse and rape by the renowned producer, this one hour film hears allegations of how he used his power and position to abuse his colleagues and workers in the British Isles, and keep them silent for 30 years.

Featuring in-depth interviews with former assistants as well as Oscar winning producers who worked closely with Weinstein in the UK, the programme hears employees’ experiences of behaviour they describe as a misuse of power to dominate, control and humiliate, and the producers paint a picture of someone who was welcomed because of the power he wielded and the ability he had to turn small independent films into international box office hits.

Building up a picture of the growing power, wealth and influence of the film mogul, the programme explores how someone in Weinstein’s position could abuse so many people over decades without facing any consequences that ended the behaviour.

– A former Miramax employee describes how, as a young woman, and during what was her first meeting with Weinstein to do work for him and to discuss a further job opportunity, Weinstein requested a massage. When she did not agree, she says he pressured her to remove her clothes so that he could massage her whilst he masturbated himself. Weinstein then pressured her to take a shower with him

– Former employees allege that Non-Disclosure Agreements within The Weinstein Company became widespread and allowed Weinstein to continue to behave badly with impunity. One describes her discomfort at being expected to escort women to Weinstein’s hotel room and having to collect a prescription for erectile dysfunction injections.

– Film producer David Parfitt describes how he was physically assaulted by Weinstein during the making of My Week with Marilyn.

A Tigerlily Production for Channel 4

What the papers say:

The Times – “a report rare in its simple, damning clarity and relevance.”

The Guardian – Tuesday’s best TV

The Daily Mail – “An explosive new documentary”

The Telegraph – “a disturbing employee’s-eye view of life with the disgraced Hollywood producer.”

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