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Home Free

Duration: 2 x 52'

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This heartfelt documentary series is a moving account of a group of young people with learning disabilities who are leaving home for the first time.

With extraordinary access, Home Free is packed full of wonderful characters, laughter, new found friendships, blossoming relationships and, at times, heartache and tears. This coming of age moment, a big step in the lives of most young people, is a huge leap for this unique group, whose independence is no guarantee. 

Episode 1

Lewis, Michael, Sarah, Jade, Anna and Curtis move in to the block. But it's not as easy for some as it is others, and the first few days provide a roller-coaster of emotions.

Episode 2

Friendships start to form and romance begins to blossom for some of the housemates as they gear up for the group disco. 

Primal Media for Channel 4

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