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Skin Deep

Duration: 6 x 4'

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In these beautifully shot, cinematic shorts six people with extreme skin issues, from facial burns to vitiligo, dramatically reveal their faces and themselves as they slowly remove the make- up they rely on to face the world. 

We watch and hear the powerful, personal stories of learning to live with facial disfigurements. 

Ep 1 – Rochelle:

Are you still black if vitiligo is turning you white?

For Rochelle, growing up with vitiligo, as a black girl whose skin was turning white, meant slowly accepting how she looked – without letting go of who she was.

Ep 2 – Annabel:

Can you ignore all the terrible comments when a birth mark covers half your face?

The port wine stain down the side of Annabelle’s face means she’s had a life time of listening to horrible comments. But she’s refused to let them change her.

Ep 3 – Bobby:

When do you stop being angry when your face is melted by a car fire?

At 8 years-old, Bobby shouldn’t have survived the fire that killed her cousin. She spent her teenage years angry – until she learnt to accept herself and how she looked.

Ep 4 – Katie

Does a facial disfigurement from birth have to define who you are?

Katie was born with a facial disfigurement and had to accept she’d never fit in. But a passion for make-up has allowed her to take back ownership of how she looks.

Ep 5 – Phyllida

Can you learn to love your scarred face after a horrific car accident?

After a horrific car accident Phyllida has found it difficult to hide the scar that now cuts across her face – luckily hiding it isn’t a priority anymore.

Ep 6 – Joelle

How do you fit in when you lose all your hair to alopecia?

Losing her hair, brows & lashes to alopecia forced Joelle at 8 yrs-old to grow up fast. But after difficult school-years she didn’t just accept her condition, she grew to love it.

Factory Films Productions for BBC3 

Skin Deep
Skin Deep
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