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The Forgotten Children

Duration: 1 x 46

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How do children forget the horrors of war or a journey where their parents died? This touching film follows the stories of refugee orphans across Europe, giving a voice to the children and hearing their disturbing stories of suffering and survival.

88,000 refugee children are now stranded in Europe without their parents. In fleeing their homes, they believed they would be safe but many have faced violence, police brutality and hundreds have been imprisoned in detention centres and police cells. Alone and afraid, many are vulnerable to trafficking gangs and sexual exploitation.

The Forgotten Children follows the heart-breaking stories of refugee orphans across Europe. Governments have moved many of the children into state run camps and closed the doors to journalists. This film gives a voice to the children and hears their disturbing stories of suffering and survival.  

Syrian orphans 12-year-old Nagham and her brother 13-year-old Mohammed have escaped the city of Aleppo; one of the most dangerous places on Earth. Their home is a small tent in a derelict petrol station in northern Greece.  Having fled a government run camp after violence erupted, they now worry about their own safety as a child living in the same building is kidnapped – it’s a common occurrence. 10,000 children have gone missing since arriving in Europe.

The Forgotten Children meets seven children aged 5 to 13 who lost parents as they were smuggled into Europe.  Undercover, the producers film an injured 15-year-old Syrian boy who is imprisoned with adults in Greece. He says he has been denied medical care. He’s committed no crime and desperately wants to be reunited with his parents.

What the Press Say:

“This documentary takes a small step in opening more eyes.” – Sunday Times – Critics Choice
“A sobering insight into the plight of these orphans of war.” – The Telegraph  – What to Watch
“Makes chilling viewing.” – Daily Mail – Pick of The Day
“A serious subject treated with the respect it derves.” – Independent
“Sticks in the mind long after the end credits.” – Daily Express


RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards 2017

Nominated for best Single Documentary 

Winner (Documentaries and Television and Film) – Amnesty International Media Awards


The Forgotten Children
The Forgotten Children
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